Premium Sports Scholarship Package:

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  • Premium Sports Scholarship Package Cost: $799.99 Click Here

Our Top Premium Scholarship Package Includes:

  • Player Profile - Prepared/blasted to 1,000 (+) Coaches
  • Recruiting Letter - Prepared/sent to 1,000 (+) Coaches
  • PSA Compilation or Raw Video - Free Review and Evaluation
  • Optional access to PRO Video Editing Services* Click Here
  • Free College Campus Online™ Readiness Rating (Metrics)
  • Free Bronze Training Academy Membership

Discount/Specials/FlexPay Plans:

  • Quick & Easy Data Entry - Résumé Builder Access
  • Title 1/4 Admins and all other School Reps For Additional Discounts: Click Here
  • Federal Holiday Discounts (Christmas; Thanksgiving etc...)
  • Parent Appreciation Day Discounts
  • National Retailer Discounts (Black Friday and other Events)
  • Student Recognition (Positive Report Card/Progress Report)
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  • Receive 40% Off Annual Student Counseling Services
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