PSA Sports Scholarship Services: Our Last Client’s Actual Amazing Results

  • Sent an email and received first offer 1 minute later!
  • YouTube Video Count went from 2 to 200 in 24 hrs.
  • Received 1500(+) Coach Emails in less than 8 hrs.
  • Received 200 (+) Scholarship/Roster Spot Offers.
  • They fought over the client: 20 (+) D1 Offers
  • Coaches were demanding an immediate audience.
  • D1 Offersmade without asking the recruit play live.
  • Scholarship decisions were made based upon PSA Briefcase contents alone.
  • They demanded that the player sign with them ASAP!

Our Overall Amazing Results:

  • Every Client (100%)is now playing soccer in college even if they only played REC Soccer.
  • Every client has received a Scholarship or Roster Spot Offer within 24 hours.
  • Every client received D1/D2/D3/NAIA; Christian Schools; Service Academy
  • Every Accepted Clienthas received a Collegiate Scholarship Offer!
  • A Client with a 9 GPAand a 15 ACT score received an Email Scholarship offer!
  • Our Clients received 100s of Roster Spot Offers.
  • Top Players who are funded by parents 100%of the time received D1 Roster Spot Offers.

Actual Client Posts:

  • These numbers are insane!
  • This is too much! I have to get organized quick with a notebook!
  • I just finished talking to the school it went well!
  • He already knew me before and has seen me play. He pretty much offered everything.
  • He offered to pay for my housing in an apartment with other teammates which is 200 a month and I would still probably get between $2000-$3000 refunded back to me.
  • He also said he could help out getting me work coaching.
  • He has a very attacking focused mindset and it sounded all good to me.
  • Overall, I am astonished. I wish I knew about this earlier. I thank you so much for this.
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