Résumés To Go Résumé Bible™ Hint: RÉSUMÉ DO'S AND DON’TS

  • Start every bullet with the use of an active verb in the third person for your current job (s). (Writes; Leads; Supervises; Directs…...) and use a past tense for all other jobs! Be consistent!

  • Do not add periods at the end of the Bullet Statements, but if you do – Be Consistent! People are literally looking at this factor and you will never know that if you are inconsistent and your competition is consistent, the Recruiters are known to offer the job – all things being equal to the job candidate who pays attention to detail. So, Pay Attention to details!

  • Every Bullet must be at least two lines in length and three line ONLY on rare occasions and ONLY as the last Bullet in the section

  • NEVER use a paragraph Format. Well we NEVER use a Paragraph format. We have been successfully getting our clients top job interviews for well over 20 years. I started the Company in 1995.

  • Use darkened circles as your bullets. You just have to trust us on this one!

  • Use a 0 pt. Before and After Paragraph spacing and .25 Left and Hanging Paragraph Indentations for all Resume Sections when finalizing in WORD for Windows.

  • Also use 11 pt. sized sentence text and keep an 8-12 Pt. Font Size spacing in between every Bullet and/or header when finalizing this section!

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